Hi there! It gives me great joy to welcome you to Roasted Coconut. I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you when you visit our little tiki truck. My name is Melanie, and in 2006, this Floridian found herself right in the middle of the great state of Tennessee.

As a transplant Floridian who deeply missed the sunshine and water, I set my heart on bringing my fellow Tennesseans a little bit of the Florida way of life. After graduating from the University of West Florida– GO ARGOS–-and working in marketing since graduation, I decided it was time to turn dreaming into action.

I left my corporate job, a firm I had worked at for 10 years, and took the next steps to start building the Roasted Coconut brand.

As a small family-owned and operated business, you will see my family working to bring you only the best customer service. We strive to operate Roasted Coconut with honesty and intention, whether it’s by bringing our guests fresh, healthy food or sharing our passionate views about reducing our environmental foot print on our beloved planet earth.

With kindness and intention,

Melanie Nelson